A Smile Can Change Your Entire Look!

This is one of the first real big cosmetic cases I did out of school. What I love about this case is that it really shows the team effort it takes between clinician and lab. Patient came with crowding between 6 and 11 with a number of large class 3 lesions. She was a very anxious patient that has to be sedated for most treatment.


Upon consultation we initially recommended possibly doing ortho and some veneers or crowns as necessary for decay. As you can see after a good amout of discussion we decided to go with 6 anterior crowns. The difficulty for me would be prepping in a manner to give the lab enough room to control crowding and give us the esthetic result we wanted. The hardest tooth by far here was 6. It was canted distofacially a good bit.


After prepping the teeth I used a double cord technique to take a empergum impression. I know its old school impression material, but it gets a great impression. My dad also loves it and I was an associate at the time and didn’t have a choice. Honestly, now I probably would have scanned this and digitally sent the file to be printed and crowns made if I wasn’t making in office.


The lab killed it as far as I am concerned. Some layered A1 emax crowns that totally transformed her smile. We were both filled. Yes, there was a more conservative option with the ortho, but its hard not to love this overnight makeover.