What are you waiting for?

A simple question that has a huge impact on all of us both personally and professionally. One that will hold back others and at the same time launch others into something. A question that impacts where we work, how we approach financial freedom, how we treat our patients, and so many other factors for us as dentists on a day to day basis.

For many it will be waiting on the right time, waiting to have more money saved up, waiting to feel more comfortable about doing something, but the reality is you will never be totally ready.

My goal is to get you to stop waiting and to start moving. Its time to jump into the deep end of the pool and see whats at the end of the rabbit hole. I promise you that at the end of the day you will find more satisfaction both professionally and personally, treat your patients with higher quality, better efficiency, and grow your practice to new levels.

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CBCT and Cad/Cam Integration

Why CBCT in the dental office? How it can help grow your practice? Learning how to use 3d to perfect your endodontics and keep more in house. How CBCT integrates with Cad/Cam technology and 3d printing to place implants


Sleep Apnea, changing the way we practice Dentistry

Sleep apnea is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world. As dentists we have the opportunity to be a first line of defense for diagnosis and treatment of these patients. Why should you be getting into sleep apnea? How should you be treating it? Are you missing all the signs and symptoms?


The Associate to Owner Transition

Are you ready for an associate? How to transition your practice to a two doctor practice. What to look for as an associate. Steps new graduates can be taking to set yourself up for success. Why hiring another dentist can make you more money and give you more time off.

Speaking Opportunities

The above topics are general topics on what a speaking engagement for you can look like. In all reality, many topics overlap and finding the right pain point for your audience is what I like to focus on. Is it practice growth, the stagnant practice, the new practice, the transitioning practice. These are some of the questions asked before setting up an event.

For more information on dates, locations, and cost please reach out.