Why I love Same Day Dentistry

Welcome to the Blog. This will be my first time blogging, but I feel like its a great way to shed more light on cases then what first meets the eye. Hopefully, through these cases that will be shared you can learn from things I did right and things I would have done differently and ultimately help you become a better dentist! Feel free to ask questions or critique what you see.

This is a case I did about a year and half ago. I had just started doing anterior crowns on the cerec and this was a perfect opportunity to jump in. The patient was a 75 year old male who had no interest in an implant. Yes its a little heroic as far as where it is at the gumline but we gave it a shot. Spoiler…Its still in there and we are a year and half out…we will see. One of my favorite parts about being a general dentist is that if I do this and it fails in six months I can just do the implant and give him a break on the cost.

For the endo I used the wave one system. I am a big fan of the system for people like myself who like to do endo but pick and choose our cases. After doing the endo I made room for a post. I used a metal post which is a little unique in this day and age. I guess I am just brainwashed by my father that fiber posts tend to break. After doing the buildup I did a biogeneric reference of tooth number 8. Which basically means the cerec copies the tooth and mirrors it. I felt like the shape and contour were pretty good.

The block I used was an emax LT A3. LT blocks are great for matching PFMs because they have no translucency. Frankly, they are ugly but when matching PFMs they work well. Where I messed up I think was using an A block. The color is just to red brown for me. I think it needed more yellow. I actually wanted to polish it a little and restain and glaze but 2 hours he had had enough and was super happy to just have a tooth.

At the end of the day there is lots of room for improvement on this case. However, it was a great one to take the plunge on. I would encourage you to find cases where esthetics are not a huge priority and take advantage of working with anteriors. It can be a huge savings for you. What do you think?